Why are you waiting for Spring?

The Capital Region is not a seasonal sales region in respect to two family home sales. Historically from 2014 to 2018 Q1-Q4 each quarter sells approximately 20-30% of the years inventory. See below:

These market stats show us that historically in the Capital Region, we sell close to the same amount of inventory each quarter. Meaning buyer demand stays consistent throughout all 4 seasons, in other words; home prices and sale time do not get affected.

2019 | Current Market

Currently in 2019 we are experiencing an average appreciation of over 7% on two family sale prices compared to 2018. In Albany 2018 Average two family sale price was: $149,604. Currently through 2019 we are averaging $160,430.

If you want to take advantage of the current market, without waiting until Spring, give us a call!

Tryon, Peter. Broker/Owner. 11/06/2019.

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